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SEKO SA is an advanced Polish company that plays a leading role in the fish processing industry. The mission of SEKO is to prepare the products from the carefully selected fish raw material coming from the best sea fishing grounds.

SEKO has the priority to produce products in accordance with the original recipes or if necessary to prepare on request of the clients needs.


SEKO company has a quality management and food safety system confirmed by IFS, BRC, MSC, KOSHER certificates.


We have very wide portfolio of products over 220 products in 17 categories on our permanently sales:

  • marinated herring in vinegar
  • marinated herring in oil
  • salted fish
  • fried fish in vinegar
  • herring fillets in sauces
  • sandwich spreads
  • herring and vegetable salads
  • sterilized products like canned fish
  • frozen breaded fish products like fish fingers or fish burgers
  • healthy food products


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We would be glad to response to every offer request. We can adjust the product into the customer requirement under the private label brand or SEKO.


We are looking forward receiving inquiries.



Ul. Zakładowa 3

89-620 Chojnice




SEKO - Product catalogue
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