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P.P.U. BELiN Sp. j.

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The company deals in the production of express tea. We prepare fruit teas, herbal and black and green tea. From the very beginning, the company is dynamically developing.

Currently owned machinery park with a significant production potential, equipped is modern production lines with a high degree of computerization and automation, among others a technological line for packing teas into round sachets and a comfortable modern one bag with a "string" closure. The packaging is very popular among consumers, string closure allows you to close and open the bag at the same time guaranteeing a long-lasting freshness of the product.


Our teas are also available in innovative, two-chamber sachets, sewn with natural, cotton thread without the use of metal elements. Additionally each sachet is placed in an envelope that protects the aroma of tea. Thanks to the technology used, our products achieve high quality parameters. Our range is constantly expanded and improved and adapted to the preferences of consumers.


The main factor when making the selection of our teas by retail chains and individual customers, is the high quality of pre-packaged teas and their health safety. The quality of products is seen as a feature, no as much desirable as required. Therefore, investing in high quality and modernity we have implemented the IFS quality and safety standard as well as the System Health Safety HACCP.


Our teas are, among others natural fruit drought and hibiscus compositions with an addition highest quality aromas, precise specialists selected by the Department Research and Development, so as to satisfy even the most demanding client.


BELIN obtained the 35th place in the region in the FORBES DIAMONDS ranking, obtaining a certificate IFS (International Food Standard) at the higher level. Sales development on the Polish market and exports to such countries as the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Germany, Croatia and Hungary.


  • 2014
    Cooperation with trade networks Biedronka, Lidl, Kaufland, Auchan, Spar, Polomarket, Leclerc and pharmaceutical companies - SynoptisPharma, USP Zdrowie, Aflofarm.
    Continuous modernization of production lines and expansion of the assortment.
  • 2015-2016
    Establishing cooperation with further trade networks (EKO Holding, Piotr i Paweł, Chata Polska, Mila) and development of own brands



  • years in business - 27
  • employed employees more than - 100
  • recipients - 1000
  • the countries to which we export - 13
  • commercial networks with which we cooperate - 12
  • products in our brand - 100


P.P.U. BELiN Sp. j.


60-479 Poznań, ul. Sucholeska 34/36

tel.: +48 61 822-13-15, 61 822-13-31

fax: +48 61 822-13-47



BELiN - new products
pdf | 5.19 MB
BELiN - product overview
pdf | 2.72 MB

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