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BSS in Poland

Poland has 47 business services centers with a headcount of at least 1,000 per center. Add : Przemysław Buczkowski | 03.07.2017 market, report, BSS

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Talent SWOT of Poland

Statistics, comparative analysis and classification of the “talent market” in view of education and salaries Add : Przemysław Buczkowski | 02.06.2017 recruitment, professionals, jobs, talent

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ICT in Poland

The share of ICT industry in GDP amounts to around 8% Add : Przemysław Buczkowski | 24.04.2017 ict, technology

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Office Market in Poland

Poland has consolidated its position as an attractive location for investment, maintaining opportunities for the dynamic growth of the office sector Add : Przemysław Buczkowski | 30.03.2017 office

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Space sector in Poland

Polish interest in space reaches back to the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries. The most prominent scientific figure of that time was Polish astronomer Mikołaj Kopernik (1473-1543), whose work “On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres” depicted the heliocentric model of our planetary system in great detail. Add : Migracja WPHI DUBLIN | 04.12.2013

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Doors and windows industry

There are about 2.5 thousand manufacturers of windows and doors on the Polish market. Add : Migracja WPHI DUBLIN | 05.09.2013

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Food and drink industry

Polish agri-food products have been growing in importance in foreign trade since many years. This results both from the use of modern processing technologies and high quality products, and from the production of traditional foods according to original recipes, which are highly appreciated on the international market. Add : Migracja WPHI DUBLIN | 20.08.2013

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Defence industry

Since 1991, after over 20 years of Polish defence industry transformation, there have been conducted significant changes of ownership, meaning privatisation of whole sector. Add : Migracja WPHI DUBLIN | 07.08.2013

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Monuments protection and maintenance industry

Long lasting period of lack of sovereignty and threat of losing the national identity made Polish scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, to focus on saving historical buildings and masterpieces of art for future generations. Add : Migracja WPHI DUBLIN | 06.08.2013

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Construction industry

In the period from 2005 to 2011, the value of construction work in Poland increased by 113%. Civil engineering has the largest share in the structure of the construction and assembly production. Add : Migracja WPHI DUBLIN | 06.08.2013

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Medical tourism industry

There are over 40 health resorts in Poland and more than 200 wellness & spa centres, located in the beautiful surroundings in the mountains, at the seaside or near the lakes. Prices of medical services in Poland are among the lowest in the European countries. Add : Migracja WPHI DUBLIN | 26.07.2013

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Yachting industry

The range of products of Polish yacht constructors is very wide - several dozens of models, of length varying from 3 to over 30 m. Add : Przemysław Buczkowski | 21.07.2016 yachting, boating

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Medical devices industry

In 2010, the medical equipment market in Poland rose by 5% compared to the previous year and reached a total value of 3.9 billion PLN (approximately 1.2 billion USD). Add : Migracja WPHI DUBLIN | 25.07.2013

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Jewellery and amber industry

Poland is the world’s largest amber jewellery producer and the third largest – after Italy and Germany – producer of silver products in Europe. Add : Migracja WPHI DUBLIN | 25.07.2013

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Furniture industry

Furniture industry in Poland is one of the most competitive departments of industry processing, generating approximately 2 per cent of the Polish GDP. Add : Migracja WPHI DUBLIN | 25.07.2013

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Cosmetics industry

The value of the Polish cosmetics market in 2011 was 3.3 billion Euro, which gave it the 6th place in Europe. Add : Migracja WPHI DUBLIN | 25.07.2013

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R&D sector

Poland has achieved an impressive growth rate of investments in research and development. In the period 2002–2010, the cumulative increase was 122.5%, and the average growth rate was 10.5%3 y/y. Add : Migracja WPHI DUBLIN | 24.07.2013

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Pharmaceutical and biotechnological sector

In the last 10 years the pharmaceutical market in Poland has seen continuous growth, reaching PLN 22.3 bn in 2011. Add : Migracja WPHI DUBLIN | 24.07.2013

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Energy sector

Production of primary energy in Poland is based mainly on fossil fuels Add : Migracja WPHI DUBLIN | 24.07.2013

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