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An investment offer of the City of Gniezno

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Przemysław Buczkowski | 2017-06-29 12:01:16
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The city of Gniezno offers a couple of dozen acres of investment sites for potential investors


Gniezno is located at the intersection of major transportation routes, e.g. fast highway S5 from Wroclaw via Poznan-Gniezno-Bydgoszcz to Gdansk and road no 15 from Trzebnica via Gniezno-Torun-Ostroda and further down to Olsztyn. Gniezno also lies in the 20-km proximity to the motorway (Wrzesnia interchange).



Currently the city of Gniezno offers a couple of dozen acres of investment sites for potential investors. These comprise both areas intended for services and industrial investment and also for residential development. These sites are located in various parts of the city. Gniezno's merit lies in its perfect transportation accessibility and a well-developed system of vocational and higher education.



Among various factors which entice investors to Gniezno the most significant are:

  • the proximity of A2 motorway and fast highway S5,
  • the proximity of an international airport (Poznan Lawica 6km away),
  • higher education institutions (including Hipolit Cegielski State College of Higher Education running engineering courses),
  • secondary schools of technical profiles such as: electrician, electronics technician, mechanic, iron-worker, surveying technician, environmental engineering technician,
  • location in an economically well-developed region, ecologically clean yet attractive for tourists,
  • lower costs of employment and living compared to larger metropolises,
  • a rich accommodation offer,
  • a location of renowned international companies, including: Panasonic Energy Poland S.A., NB Poland (Velux), Kirchhoff Sp. z o.o., Tex Year Europe Sp. z o.o.,
  • vacant lands intended for single- or multi-family development,
  • an easy access to schools, hospitals and leisure facilities,
  • a rich business infrastructure,
  • the activity within the economic zone (Gniezno Subzone).



Entrepreneurs and investors willing to realise a new investment in the city of Gniezno are entitled to property tax exemption within de minimis aid and the regional aid program.

Additionally, an entrepreneur running a business activity within the economic zone is entitled to support in the form of tax exemption from income tax CIT pursuant to two factors: capital expenditures or creating new workplaces. The scope of the aid might amount to 45%.

The economic zones will continue to exist in Poland by the end of 2026.



The site is located in the north-east part of town, within the area characterised by a high level of industrialisation, total area: 18.93 ha (7 plots in total);

  • a current local spatial management plan;
  • the area allocation: industrial-service developments with some green spaces;
  • the area of individual plots from 0.51 to max. 6.20 ha;
  • full infrastructure at the plots or nearby;
  • a possibility to expand the site by purchasing plots from private owners;



  • electrical energy supply,
  • waterworks and gas networks within the course of H. Cegielskiego Street,
  • sanitary sewage network: the collector for connecting household sewage is located within approximately 200-350 metres from the plots,
  • stormwater drainage system: meteoric water must be handled within the investor's plant borders,
  • utilities: the Internet access, telephone within the course of H. Cegielskiego Street;



Gniezno is the First Capital of Poland and a place of the coronation of five Polish kings. The Gniezno Cathedral and the famous Gniezno Doors attract thousands of tourists every year. Gniezno is one of the major attractions on the Piast Route. The Museum of the Origins of the Polish State and the Museum of Gniezno Archdiocese offer rich collections of Polish heritage including unique medieval exhibits and they allow us to appreciate the outstanding legacy of the country.

For more information please contact:

Ms. Kinga Matuszak
tel. +48 61 426 04 47
Mobile: + 48 66 22 33 188


The City Office in Gniezno

Department of City Development

Economy and Investor Support

ul. Lecha 6, 62-200 Gniezno


2017 06 29 Gniezno investment offer
pdf | 4.39 MB

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